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SERVICE TIMES   Sunday at 10.00am and Evening Service at 5.00pm, Wednesday at 6.00pm

Possessing the Land Part 2

Possessing the land and moving forward great destinies is all about having dominion here on earth and in any area of your life and fulfilling the mission God gave you. However, knowing that he has failed in his mission, the devil wants to take down many with Him.

that is the reason why he is there to fight great destinies in order for them not to be fulfilled. He always makes sure that the land you want to possess is already controlled by one of his princes. He knows the time set for the accomplishment of God's promises. Therefore, the devil rises to fight it.

nevertheless, God guarantees us victory in our fights, through prayer and fasting, in order to possess any land he gives us and to move forward great destinies. Your prayer will allow the armies of God to fight for you and give you victory. Your prayer will put angels in motion to be at your service.