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SERVICE TIMES   Sunday at 10.00am and Evening Service at 5.00pm, Wednesday at 6.00pm

Divine Guidance PART 11

PRAYER, The Master Key PART 3

Prayer establishes us in the supernatural for ,what no one or our own efforts can not give us, prayer will give it to us. Prayer establishes us at the front line to overcome any battle. We approach God as priests and we decree and act as kings. We become efficient in our lives when the anointing is increased upon us. The anointing help us to function not physically but spiritually to affect our physical life. It gives us the abilities to go in the spirit to change situations

Matthew 17 Prayer has the power to transfigure us in another level of power and authority. It metamorphoses us into supernatural beings
Luke 9:28. Prayer can cause Jesus to appear to us. Difficult situations can leave strong marks on someone to humiliate him. However, Seeking God in prayer, as the ability to remove that humiliation. We should always pray and never give up. We must pray until our lives are completely changed.