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SERVICE TIMES   Sunday at 10.00am and Evening Service at 5.00pm, Wednesday at 6.00pm

Divine Guidance Part 12

God will guide you so that you stand firm in all trials

Trials are permitted by God. There's no man who was led by God, but did not face trials. The Lord guide us even in trials. When we face trials:
*God want to know if truly we belong to Him.
* They make us mature and allow us to fit in what God promised us. *They prepare us for the throne
* They qualify us for a Kingdom.( Luke 22:29-30)
* They introduce us in the intimacy with God Outstanding results are manifested, when we do not change our confessions of faith. During trials, the devil's plan is to tempt us so that our labor become vain. But we should not fall into temptation, but remain firm in our faith and always confess it and asking for more wisdom to God, until we enjoy the results of our confessions.