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SERVICE TIMES   Sunday at 10.00am and Evening Service at 5.00pm, Wednesday at 6.00pm


Testimonies are the confirmation of God's word. Here are some living proofs of Faith in Jesus through the ministry of Pastor Max. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still willing to heal, to deliver from all kinds of oppression of the devil. Your time to experience a miracle has come! If you feel that you or someone you know are in need of a healing, a deliverance or a breakthrough contact us here or register for the prayer line

  • Delivered from an ancestral evil spirit bringing poverty and limitation - Brother Emmanuel Tamba Tamba

    I received Jesus in my life since 1994. Despite being a Christian, I faced hardships for many years. I used to dream that I was in a forest, in a bush or in the house I grew up and will wake up sweating and shaking. Whenever I had those dreams, things would not work out for me, especially in my finances. If I had a business deal that week, it would just fall through or I could spend the week without making sales. Long ago, I had my own company earning thousands of dollars per day. It was a transportation business. Out of nowhere, things stopped working. I had 2 trucks. Those trucks started to get involved in a lot of accidents. I had to pay for the truck's repairs as well as the damages on the goods carried. Soon enough, I could not carry on with the business and had to stop. After leaving my business, I started working on commission for someone else. What I have been earning is less than 1% of what I used to earn when I had my own business. I started attending Jesus Ministry Church. After hearing the testimony of another brother in church who also had limitations in finances, but after going to the prayer line, he was delivered, and immediately the following day, all his business started working, and also after having the same dream again, I decided to go to the prayer line. There, Pastor Max prayed for me. During the deliverance, an ancestral spirit manifested as being the author of poverty and financial limitations in my life. The ancestral spirit had access to my life through the name of my grandfather had given me, the name KABWELA. In the power of the name of Jesus I received my deliverance. Now I am set free, and I know things are going to work for me from now on. Praise God!

    • Life Changed by God: delivered from a spiritual wife, healed from a sickness that could not be diagnosed and got a job - brother Ishara

      Before I got my deliverance, I went through a lot of things. I was not happy with my life. I used to smoke and lived a life of debauchery. My conscience was telling me that what I was doing was wrong, yet every time I wanted to change and totally give my life to Christ, something would always hold me back and I could not control myself and resist temptations. Since 2007, I had a health problem. I went to a lot of doctors in Africa and Europe but they could not diagnose the problem. It was chronical not permanent but it was really disturbing me. I also had an issue of spiritual wife. I would see women come to me in my dreams to have sex with me. Sometimes, those spirits would come physically to me. It was disturbing me. March 2014 was a turning point for me. I started to regularly attend Jesus Ministry Church. It happened one week that I was feeling so bad and went to my doctor. He did tests on me but could not see what was wrong with me. From there I understood that my problem was not physical but spiritual. I decided to fast and pray for a week. While I was in prayer, I had a dream about my mother. She was telling me that I should go see Pastor Max. I had that dream on Tuesday night. I did not think twice. I went to talk with Pastor Max on Wednesday. I confessed a lot of things then he prayed for me in his office. There usually are prayers every Wednesday from 1.00pm to 4.00pm (Intercession). He told me to go to the intercession, that he would come pray again for me there. During the intercession, Mama Ruth received revelations about my life. At that time I was just thanking GOD because I never spoke with Mama Ruth about my situation and when I was speaking with the pastor, she was praying with others in the church. Then the pastor came few minutes before 4.00pm then called out to me. From there I only remember when he told me to lift up my hands and when he was telling me to look in his eyes while praying I was feeling so uncomfortable. Then demons started to manifest. After that I was completely delivered. From that day, I totally gave my life to Jesus. GOD has delivered me. When I compare my old self to the one I am now, I can really see a very big difference: I am happier, healthier, stronger, no more stress, no more depression and I have peace in my heart. In short I feel like now I am living a true life in Christ Jesus. At the same time I was looking for a job and asked GOD to help me find one. In April 2014, I received a feedback for a job. I went to the interview. It was just miraculous. The manager received me and instead of doing an interview, he started telling me the rules of the company, the profile of the company, explaining and telling me what I will be doing. Then he told me to submit my CV and that I should come for training the following day. I was taken for the position. About a month later, I got a promotion and was nominated as the team leader. Those are signs and wonders from GOD. Jesus turned my life around in the twinkle of an eye. I was a sinner, I was sick and jobless, but know I serve God, live a good live, I am completely healed and I have a job. Praise God.

      • Healed from diabetes and eye problems - sister Jeannie Mumba

        My name is Jeannie Mumba. I had diabetes. Diabetes affected my eyes and because of it, I had to wear glasses for over 7 years. Diabetes affected my whole body. I could not lift my legs. Even the day when I came to Jesus Ministry Church for Pastor Max to pray for me, my legs were very painful. When Pastor Max was praying for me, I felt as if an arrow that had been put in me was removed. Immediately, my legs felt better, the pain disappeared and I was able to lift my legs. Before I could not read without glasses, I could not see from far and I could not see at all at night. But immediately after the prayer, I was able to read without glasses, I can now see from far and can see at night. Glory be to God

        • Stood in faith for her sister to be healed from a cancer of the uterus - sister Fadzisai

          My name is sister Fadzisai. My sister called me to let me know that she had been diagnosed with a cancer of the uterus. I was very shocked. Knowing that the power of God was at work in Jesus Ministry Church I asked her to come, though she lives in another country. I told her that she would receive her healing. While waiting for her to come, I decided to go to the prayer line on Sunday, to stand in faith for her healing, because I knew that God is the one who can heal even from afar. I told Pastor Max about my sister being sick, he prayed for me. The following Monday, my sister called me telling me that she was coming from the medical check-up. The same doctor who had diagnosed her with a cancer of the uterus is the same doctor who told her that he could no longer see the cancer. The cancer had disappeared and she was completely healed. I thank God for that healing. Wherever we might be He can still touch us with His mighty power. Praise God.

          • Healed from fibroids - Sister Stella Moyo

            My name is Stella Moyo. I want to thank God for what he has done in my life. Since August 2013, my period stopped and I started having excruciating pains in my belly. During a Friday Night of Wonder, I came to the prayer line and explained my problem to Pastor Max. He prayed for me and said that I would come back with a testimony. The following week on Monday, as I went to the bathroom, I saw my period again after 10 months. In the toilet, the fibroid came out, it was of medium size. Only the power of God could take it out of my body without a surgical operation. I also used to have dreams where I was eating weird food with men and having sex with them. But ever since Pastor Max prayed for me, those evil dreams stopped. Praise God.

            • Healed from a leg pain after 20 years - sister Sikhulile Dube

              I had been having a pain for more than 20 years on my right leg. When I came to Jesus Ministry Church, Pastor Max prayed for me. Since then I have been feeling well and the pain is totally gone. Praise God.

              • Healed from high acidity - Sister Fadzisai

                My name is sister Fadzisai. I used to suffer from a high level of acids in my body. Because of that the doctor forbade me to eat foods with high acid content. I could not eat healthy nutrients such as tomatoes or bananas and many other foods. I could not drink fizzy drinks like cokes or eat fast foods. My diet became very poor and unhealthy since it was restricted. I came to Jesus Ministry Church. Pastor Max prayed for me and ever since I have been healed. Now I can eat whatever food I feel like eating, I no longer have a restricted diet. I praise God for that.

                • Healed from heart failure - sister Sedi

                  My name is Sedi. 4 years ago, about 5 months after I gave birth to my first child, I was diagnosed with heart failure. Heart failure (HF) occurs when the heart is unable to pump sufficiently to maintain blood flow to meet the needs of the body. Starting from that day, I was on medication. The doctor told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life. He also told me that I would not be able to have any more kids since my heart could not handle a pregnancy. I had to go twice a year for medical check-ups. One of my friends invited me to Jesus Ministry Church, telling me that I would find the solution to my problem. Pastor Max made a call for those who are tired and weary of their condition to line up so he would pray for them. I stood in the line and as Pastor Max was praying for me, demons started manifesting. After my deliverance, I went for a check-up on Wednesday. Going to the doctor was always a tough experience for me. I was always hoping to hear a good news, to hear that I was healed, but that never happened. But after my deliverance, what I was hoping for finally happened. The doctor was amazed to see that the heart failure had disappeared. He even called his colleague doctors to come and see the results and all of them were amazed to see that I was no longer suffering from heart failure. The same doctor who told me I would not have kids again is the same one who told me that now I could have kids and that he was looking forward to the pregnancy. I praise God for what he has done for me. These years of anguish and crying are over. Jesus has healed me.


                    I had been suffering from cancer for about 6 months. I could not eat solid food and had to only eat soft porridge. I could not turn my neck. My voice was affected by the cancer. I was always in great pain. The cancer made me very weak. I spent my days lying on the bed. I tried many treatments to no avail. The cancer was not healed. My brother invited me to Jesus Ministry Church. Pastor Max prayed for me and then I was healed. The cancer is completely gone. I can now eat proper food. I turn my neck. I can speak normally. I am no longer weak. Jesus has healed me from cancer. Praise God.


                      I had a car accident. Due that car accident I had to wear neck braces. The pain was excruciating. I could not bend nor stand. Walking became hard for me. I had to use a wheelchair or crutches. My daughter invited me to Jesus Ministry Church. After pastor Max prayed for me, I was immediately healed. Now I can stand, bend, walk, jump, dance, etc. God has healed me and restored me. Praise God