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SERVICE TIMES   Sunday at 10.00am and Evening Service at 5.00pm, Wednesday at 6.00pm


Testimonies are the confirmation of God's word. Here are some living proofs of Faith in Jesus through the ministry of Pastor Max. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still willing to heal, to deliver from all kinds of oppression of the devil. Your time to experience a miracle has come! If you feel that you or someone you know are in need of a healing, a deliverance or a breakthrough contact us here or register for the prayer line

  • Healed from cataracts - Sister Diana from Scotland

    I had a cataract in my left eye that caused me to lose about two thirds of my sight in that eye. I also had poor circulation on my left side. Because of the poor circulation on the left side of my body, my left leg would quite often be sore and my left foot would be swollen. When Pastor Max prayed for me, when I went back to my place, I noticed that the circulation on my left side started improving and that gradually my left eye sight was restored, Glory be to God!

    • Brother Joseph from Scotland

      When I was a boy I had mastoiditis, an inflammation of the bone behind the ear. I had to go through surgery. The surgeon took the bone away. As a result, my ear canals were twisted and my left ear laid flat against my head. Because of that I became unable to ear with my left ear. I was only able to ear with my right ear. I heard about Jesus Ministry Church. I was in need of a healing so I came to the church. Pastor Max prayed for me. Since then I can clearly hear in my left ear. Praise God!

      • Delivered from barenness - Sister Grace from Cameroon

        I was married more than 5 years, yet during all that time, I could not bear a child. I had health issues that no doctors in my country could solve. When other women who knew me were looking for examples of “BARRENNESS”, they would always pick me and laugh at me. I came to South Africa for advanced medical examinations in order to find the cause and a cure to that barrenness. I was lodged nearby Jesus Ministry Church but I did not know about the church. One Sunday as I was taking a walk, I heard the Holy Spirit directing me toward the church. As I came close, I heard Music coming out of the building and people worshiping. I went into the church. When the service was over Pastor Max invited all those in need of a healing or deliverance to come to the prayer line. I went. I was unable to conceive for more than 4 years of marriage. Pastor Max prayed for me. I got my deliverance. My husband followed me to South Africa. After a few weeks I fell pregnant. I am thankful to God. I was once called "barren" now people will call me "Mother". Hallelujah!

        • Healed from arthritis - PATRICIA NANGWELE

          I was struggling a lot in life. Nothing was working or moving forward. I had been working for a family for more than 18 years. For those 18 years my salary was still R1650. They did not want to increase my salary. I was sick. I had arthritis. I had sore legs and swollen arms because of that arthritis. I could not sleep during the night without taking pain tablets. One Wednesday, my sister Diana invited me to Jesus Ministry Church. As I came the power of the Holy Spirit located me where I was and I received my deliverance and my healing. Before the Pastor prayer for me, my whole body was sore. But as I prayed for me, I felt free. The pain was gone. I am seeing change in my life and I praise God for it.

          • Healed from gout and short-sightedness - Martha

            My problem was gout. I had it for about 2 years. I went to the clinic; they tested my blood and discovered that I was full of gout. I could not place my right arm behind my back and my feet and other parts of my body were sore. At night I could not sleep nicely. I also had problems with my eyes since 1974. I could not read the Bible without glasses. I could not see from far. After the Pastor prayed for me I was able to see clearly without glasses. And the pain, the worse thing was the pain in the arms and the knees, was gone. Now I can do all the movement I could not do before. I praise God for healing me.

            • Delivered from a spiritual husband - Elisabeth

              I had back pains and belly pains. Sometimes, I could see a man coming in my dreams to sleep with me. I went to the clinic and they said that I had High blood pressure and diabetes. When Pastor Max prayed for, I did not know what was going on. When he finished praying I felt free. The pain was gone. Praise God.

              • Removed evil rings - Mildred

                I used to have tongue rings and nose rings. I had been pierce since 2006. Those things were controlling my spirit. I used to hate my parents, sister and brother, I could not listen. I felt as if by putting those rings on, something was taken from me. I decided to remove all the rings that I had and brought them to church as written in Acts 19:19 - “ Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.” After Pastor Max prayed for me I felt free from those evil forces. Praise God!

                • Delivered from a spirit of paralysis - Mimi Nyange

                  In May 2011 I had a dream. In that dream I saw myself having a fracture. In the same dream we were going to see the doctor. As we went to the reception, the receptionist told us that we were not going to be helped because there were no available doctors. In the morning when I woke up I could not move my right arm. Whatever I tried to do was too painful. I ignored it and went to work. Btu as I was sitting, I started noticing that my arm was swelling. I explained it to my colleagues. They advised me to go to the doctor, saying that it might be a fracture. I thought to myself that this could not be possible because I did not fall neither did I shock that harm in anyway. I went to the hospital, I saw 7 doctors but I was not helped. Wherever I would go, the doctors said that I was drunk when it happened. But I never went to night club and I never drank alcohol. They had me undergo many tests. They could not find anything. My arm was still painful and swollen. I could not move or cook or do any activity that a normal human being can do with the right arm. Even at work I could not sit and do my work. I was stuck in everything. I called my brother in Mpumalanga, he said that he would come and fetch me to go see his doctor in Mpumalanga. When the doctor there saw me, he said that I need to be operated and that there was a month that had been sitting for weeks. I went for an X-Ray; they found that I had a dislocation. Since then I was suffering a lot with my right arm. I wore hand Holders; I was taking tablets, applying gels and taking painkillers. I could not even drive. I could not even sit properly. It all started in a dream. For some months it disappeared but in August 2012 it came back after having dreams where some people I know, some I do not know were forcing me to eat weird stuffs. Pastor Max prayed for me and I was completely healed. The pain never came back. I am free. I thank God for all he has done in my life.

                  • Delivered from a spirit of suicide - SOPHIE

                    I started feeling suicidal since I was in grade 10. In February 2010, during my matric year I started cutting myself. I felt so disappointed by life. I would cut myself and drink my blood afterwards. I was collapsing every now and then. It all started after having lunch with one of my friends in grade 10, I collapse and since that time I could not concentrate in class. During class I would think about something evil or suicidal. I would not even study for my exams. I tried to hang myself. I tried overdosing on sleeping pills and sleeping in the bathtub in hot water. I was hearing a voice telling me that I had no worth, I should just kill myself. I used to drink alcohol. But through the power of God, and through his servant, God has delivered me. Praise God.

                    • Healed from itchy skin

                      I had something moving in my stomach and had skin irritations that made my skin all started in November 2011. My skin was itchy all over then I felt something moving up and down my stomach. When it got worse I even had to hold my stomach to calm that movement. Pastor Max prayed for me and since then I am no longer feeling any of those symptoms. Praise God