Testimonies are the confirmation of God's word. Here are some living proofs of Faith in Jesus through the ministry of Pastor Max. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still willing to heal, to deliver from all kinds of oppression of the devil. Your time to experience a miracle has come! If you feel that you or someone you know are in need of a healing, a deliverance or a breakthrough contact us here or register for the prayer line.

Delivered from an ancestral evil spirit bringing poverty and limitation - Brother Emmanuel Tamba Tamba

I received Jesus in my life since 1994. Despite being a Christian, I faced hardships for many years. I used to dream that I was in a forest, in a bush or in the house I grew up and will wake up sweating and shaking. Whenever I had those dreams, things would not work out for me, especially in my finances. If I had a business deal that week, it would just fall through or I could spend the week without making sales. Long ago, I had my own company earning thousands of dollars per day. It was a transportation business. Out of nowhere, things stopped working. I had 2 trucks. Those trucks started to get involved in a lot of accidents. I had to pay for the truck's repairs as well as the damages on the goods carried. Soon enough, I could not carry on with the business and had to stop. After leaving my business, I started working on commission for someone else. What I have been earning is less than 1% of what I used to earn when I had my own business. I started attending Jesus Ministry Church. After hearing the testimony of another brother in church who also had limitations in finances, but after going to the prayer line, he was delivered, and immediately the following day, all his business started working, and also after having the same dream again, I decided to go to the prayer line. There, Pastor Max prayed for me. During the deliverance, an ancestral spirit manifested as being the author of poverty and financial limitations in my life. The ancestral spirit had access to my life through the name of my grandfather had given me, the name KABWELA. In the power of the name of Jesus I received my deliverance. Now I am set free, and I know things are going to work for me from now on. Praise God!

Life Changed by God: delivered from a spiritual wife, healed from a sickness that could not be diagnosed and got a job - Brother Ishara

Before I got my deliverance, I went through a lot of things. I was not happy with my life. I used to smoke and lived a life of debauchery. My conscience was telling me that what I was doing was wrong, yet every time I wanted to change and totally give my life to Christ, something would always hold me back and I could not control myself and resist temptations. Since 2007, I had a health problem. I went to a lot of doctors in Africa and Europe but they could not diagnose the problem. It was chronical not permanent but it was really disturbing me. I also had an issue of spiritual wife. I would see women come to me in my dreams to have sex with me. Sometimes, those spirits would come physically to me. It was disturbing me. March 2014 was a turning point for me. I started to regularly attend Jesus Ministry Church. It happened one week that I was feeling so bad and went to my doctor. He did tests on me but could not see what was wrong with me. From there I understood that my problem was not physical but spiritual. I decided to fast and pray for a week. While I was in prayer, I had a dream about my mother. She was telling me that I should go see Pastor Max. I had that dream on Tuesday night. I did not think twice. I went to talk with Pastor Max on Wednesday. I confessed a lot of things then he prayed for me in his office. There usually are prayers every Wednesday from 1.00pm to 4.00pm (Intercession). He told me to go to the intercession, that he would come pray again for me there. During the intercession, Mama Ruth received revelations about my life. At that time I was just thanking GOD because I never spoke with Mama Ruth about my situation and when I was speaking with the pastor, she was praying with others in the church. Then the pastor came few minutes before 4.00pm then called out to me. From there I only remember when he told me to lift up my hands and when he was telling me to look in his eyes while praying I was feeling so uncomfortable. Then demons started to manifest. After that I was completely delivered. From that day, I totally gave my life to Jesus. GOD has delivered me. When I compare my old self to the one I am now, I can really see a very big difference: I am happier, healthier, stronger, no more stress, no more depression and I have peace in my heart. In short I feel like now I am living a true life in Christ Jesus. At the same time I was looking for a job and asked GOD to help me find one. In April 2014, I received a feedback for a job. I went to the interview. It was just miraculous. The manager received me and instead of doing an interview, he started telling me the rules of the company, the profile of the company, explaining and telling me what I will be doing. Then he told me to submit my CV and that I should come for training the following day. I was taken for the position. About a month later, I got a promotion and was nominated as the team leader. Those are signs and wonders from GOD. Jesus turned my life around in the twinkle of an eye. I was a sinner, I was sick and jobless, but know I serve God, live a good live, I am completely healed and I have a job. Praise God.

Healed from diabetes and eye problems - Sister Jeannie Mumba

My name is Jeannie Mumba. I had diabetes. Diabetes affected my eyes and because of it, I had to wear glasses for over 7 years. Diabetes affected my whole body. I could not lift my legs. Even the day when I came to Jesus Ministry Church for Pastor Max to pray for me, my legs were very painful. When Pastor Max was praying for me, I felt as if an arrow that had been put in me was removed. Immediately, my legs felt better, the pain disappeared and I was able to lift my legs. Before I could not read without glasses, I could not see from far and I could not see at all at night. But immediately after the prayer, I was able to read without glasses, I can now see from far and can see at night. Glory be to God

Stood in faith for her sister to be healed from a cancer of the uterus - Sister Fadzisai
  • My name is sister Fadzisai. My sister called me to let me know that she had been diagnosed with a cancer of the uterus. I was very shocked. Knowing that the power of God was at work in Jesus Ministry Church I asked her to come, though she lives in another country. I told her that she would receive her healing. While waiting for her to come, I decided to go to the prayer line on Sunday, to stand in faith for her healing, because I knew that God is the one who can heal even from afar. I told Pastor Max about my sister being sick, he prayed for me. The following Monday, my sister called me telling me that she was coming from the medical check-up. The same doctor who had diagnosed her with a cancer of the uterus is the same doctor who told her that he could no longer see the cancer. The cancer had disappeared and she was completely healed. I thank God for that healing. Wherever we might be He can still touch us with His mighty power. Praise God.

Healed from fibroids - Sister Stella Moyo
  • My name is Stella Moyo. I want to thank God for what he has done in my life. Since August 2013, my period stopped and I started having excruciating pains in my belly. During a Friday Night of Wonder, I came to the prayer line and explained my problem to Pastor Max. He prayed for me and said that I would come back with a testimony. The following week on Monday, as I went to the bathroom, I saw my period again after 10 months. In the toilet, the fibroid came out, it was of medium size. Only the power of God could take it out of my body without a surgical operation. I also used to have dreams where I was eating weird food with men and having sex with them. But ever since Pastor Max prayed for me, those evil dreams stopped. Praise God.

Healed from a leg pain after 20 years - sister Sikhulile Dube

I had been having a pain for more than 20 years on my right leg. When I came to Jesus Ministry Church, Pastor Max prayed for me. Since then I have been feeling well and the pain is totally gone. Praise God.

Healed from high acidity - Sister Fadzisai

My name is sister Fadzisai. I used to suffer from a high level of acids in my body. Because of that the doctor forbade me to eat foods with high acid content. I could not eat healthy nutrients such as tomatoes or bananas and many other foods. I could not drink fizzy drinks like cokes or eat fast foods. My diet became very poor and unhealthy since it was restricted. I came to Jesus Ministry Church. Pastor Max prayed for me and ever since I have been healed. Now I can eat whatever food I feel like eating, I no longer have a restricted diet. I praise God for that.

Healed from heart failure - Sister Sedi

My name is Sedi. 4 years ago, about 5 months after I gave birth to my first child, I was diagnosed with heart failure. Heart failure (HF) occurs when the heart is unable to pump sufficiently to maintain blood flow to meet the needs of the body. Starting from that day, I was on medication. The doctor told me I would be on medication for the rest of my life. He also told me that I would not be able to have any more kids since my heart could not handle a pregnancy. I had to go twice a year for medical check-ups. One of my friends invited me to Jesus Ministry Church, telling me that I would find the solution to my problem. Pastor Max made a call for those who are tired and weary of their condition to line up so he would pray for them. I stood in the line and as Pastor Max was praying for me, demons started manifesting. After my deliverance, I went for a check-up on Wednesday. Going to the doctor was always a tough experience for me. I was always hoping to hear a good news, to hear that I was healed, but that never happened. But after my deliverance, what I was hoping for finally happened. The doctor was amazed to see that the heart failure had disappeared. He even called his colleague doctors to come and see the results and all of them were amazed to see that I was no longer suffering from heart failure. The same doctor who told me I would not have kids again is the same one who told me that now I could have kids and that he was looking forward to the pregnancy. I praise God for what he has done for me. These years of anguish and crying are over. Jesus has healed me.


I had been suffering from cancer for about 6 months. I could not eat solid food and had to only eat soft porridge. I could not turn my neck. My voice was affected by the cancer. I was always in great pain. The cancer made me very weak. I spent my days lying on the bed. I tried many treatments to no avail. The cancer was not healed. My brother invited me to Jesus Ministry Church. Pastor Max prayed for me and then I was healed. The cancer is completely gone. I can now eat proper food. I turn my neck. I can speak normally. I am no longer weak. Jesus has healed me from cancer. Praise God.


I had a car accident. Due that car accident I had to wear neck braces. The pain was excruciating. I could not bend nor stand. Walking became hard for me. I had to use a wheelchair or crutches. My daughter invited me to Jesus Ministry Church. After pastor Max prayed for me, I was immediately healed. Now I can stand, bend, walk, jump, dance, etc. God has healed me and restored me. Praise God

Healed from cataracts - Sister Diana from Scotland
  • I had a cataract in my left eye that caused me to lose about two thirds of my sight in that eye. I also had poor circulation on my left side. Because of the poor circulation on the left side of my body, my left leg would quite often be sore and my left foot would be swollen. When Pastor Max prayed for me, when I went back to my place, I noticed that the circulation on my left side started improving and that gradually my left eye sight was restored, Glory be to God!

Brother Joseph from Scotland
  • When I was a boy I had mastoiditis, an inflammation of the bone behind the ear. I had to go through surgery. The surgeon took the bone away. As a result, my ear canals were twisted and my left ear laid flat against my head. Because of that I became unable to ear with my left ear. I was only able to ear with my right ear. I heard about Jesus Ministry Church. I was in need of a healing so I came to the church. Pastor Max prayed for me. Since then I can clearly hear in my left ear. Praise God!

Delivered from barenness - Sister Grace from Cameroon
  • I was married more than 5 years, yet during all that time, I could not bear a child. I had health issues that no doctors in my country could solve. When other women who knew me were looking for examples of �BARRENNESS�, they would always pick me and laugh at me. I came to South Africa for advanced medical examinations in order to find the cause and a cure to that barrenness. I was lodged nearby Jesus Ministry Church but I did not know about the church. One Sunday as I was taking a walk, I heard the Holy Spirit directing me toward the church. As I came close, I heard Music coming out of the building and people worshiping. I went into the church. When the service was over Pastor Max invited all those in need of a healing or deliverance to come to the prayer line. I went. I was unable to conceive for more than 4 years of marriage. Pastor Max prayed for me. I got my deliverance. My husband followed me to South Africa. After a few weeks I fell pregnant. I am thankful to God. I was once called "barren" now people will call me "Mother". Hallelujah!

Healed from arthritis - PATRICIA NANGWELE

I was struggling a lot in life. Nothing was working or moving forward. I had been working for a family for more than 18 years. For those 18 years my salary was still R1650. They did not want to increase my salary. I was sick. I had arthritis. I had sore legs and swollen arms because of that arthritis. I could not sleep during the night without taking pain tablets. One Wednesday, my sister Diana invited me to Jesus Ministry Church. As I came the power of the Holy Spirit located me where I was and I received my deliverance and my healing. Before the Pastor prayer for me, my whole body was sore. But as I prayed for me, I felt free. The pain was gone. I am seeing change in my life and I praise God for it.

Healed from gout and short-sightedness - Martha

My problem was gout. I had it for about 2 years. I went to the clinic; they tested my blood and discovered that I was full of gout. I could not place my right arm behind my back and my feet and other parts of my body were sore. At night I could not sleep nicely. I also had problems with my eyes since 1974. I could not read the Bible without glasses. I could not see from far. After the Pastor prayed for me I was able to see clearly without glasses. And the pain, the worse thing was the pain in the arms and the knees, was gone. Now I can do all the movement I could not do before. I praise God for healing me.

Delivered from a spiritual husband - Elisabeth

I had back pains and belly pains. Sometimes, I could see a man coming in my dreams to sleep with me. I went to the clinic and they said that I had High blood pressure and diabetes. When Pastor Max prayed for, I did not know what was going on. When he finished praying I felt free. The pain was gone. Praise God.

Removed evil rings - Mildred

I used to have tongue rings and nose rings. I had been pierce since 2006. Those things were controlling my spirit. I used to hate my parents, sister and brother, I could not listen. I felt as if by putting those rings on, something was taken from me. I decided to remove all the rings that I had and brought them to church as written in Acts 19:19 - “ Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted up the value of them, and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.” After Pastor Max prayed for me I felt free from those evil forces. Praise God!

Delivered from a spirit of paralysis - Mimi Nyange

In May 2011 I had a dream. In that dream I saw myself having a fracture. In the same dream we were going to see the doctor. As we went to the reception, the receptionist told us that we were not going to be helped because there were no available doctors. In the morning when I woke up I could not move my right arm. Whatever I tried to do was too painful. I ignored it and went to work. Btu as I was sitting, I started noticing that my arm was swelling. I explained it to my colleagues. They advised me to go to the doctor, saying that it might be a fracture. I thought to myself that this could not be possible because I did not fall neither did I shock that harm in anyway. I went to the hospital, I saw 7 doctors but I was not helped. Wherever I would go, the doctors said that I was drunk when it happened. But I never went to night club and I never drank alcohol. They had me undergo many tests. They could not find anything. My arm was still painful and swollen. I could not move or cook or do any activity that a normal human being can do with the right arm. Even at work I could not sit and do my work. I was stuck in everything. I called my brother in Mpumalanga, he said that he would come and fetch me to go see his doctor in Mpumalanga. When the doctor there saw me, he said that I need to be operated and that there was a month that had been sitting for weeks. I went for an X-Ray; they found that I had a dislocation. Since then I was suffering a lot with my right arm. I wore hand Holders; I was taking tablets, applying gels and taking painkillers. I could not even drive. I could not even sit properly. It all started in a dream. For some months it disappeared but in August 2012 it came back after having dreams where some people I know, some I do not know were forcing me to eat weird stuffs. Pastor Max prayed for me and I was completely healed. The pain never came back. I am free. I thank God for all he has done in my life.

Delivered from a spirit of suicide - SOPHIE

I started feeling suicidal since I was in grade 10. In February 2010, during my matric year I started cutting myself. I felt so disappointed by life. I would cut myself and drink my blood afterwards. I was collapsing every now and then. It all started after having lunch with one of my friends in grade 10, I collapse and since that time I could not concentrate in class. During class I would think about something evil or suicidal. I would not even study for my exams. I tried to hang myself. I tried overdosing on sleeping pills and sleeping in the bathtub in hot water. I was hearing a voice telling me that I had no worth, I should just kill myself. I used to drink alcohol. But through the power of God, and through his servant, God has delivered me. Praise God.

Healed from itchy skin

I had something moving in my stomach and had skin irritations that made my skin itchy.it all started in November 2011. My skin was itchy all over then I felt something moving up and down my stomach. When it got worse I even had to hold my stomach to calm that movement. Pastor Max prayed for me and since then I am no longer feeling any of those symptoms. Praise God

Delivered from a spirit of death

In 2005 I was operated because of side pains. The doctor who operated me said that the pain would never come back. Yet it came back. This time I decided that I would trust God for my healing. I came to Jesus Ministry Church, Pastor Max prayed for me. The pain completely disappeared. A few weeks later my head started aching. I was pregnant. This was not my first pregnancy; during my first pregnancy I also had headaches. I lost that first child. Before the Pastor prayed for me He asked me if I had any weird dreams recently, to which I answered yes. He then told me that this was a spirit of death targeting my pregnancy. He prayed for me and I received my healing and deliverance. I believe that I will deliver safely and this time the child will live. Praise God

Healed from hernia and a heart disease - maman KAPINGA

I have been sick with hernia for more than 35 years. Recently I was diagnosed with a heart disease. I started treatment for that heart disease in Congo but had to come to South Africa for more effective treatments. I was prescribed some medicines. The doctors told me that I would have to be under medication until I die. The doctors said that I would have to undergo surgery but it was always postponed and I had to keep on drinking those medicines. I got tired of that life and believed that Jesus is the healer. I came to Jesus ministry Church. Pastor Max prayed for me and I received my healing. I praise God for delivering me from the bondage of sickness.

Healed from deaf-muteness - FREDDY FAREALA

I was born with difficulties to breathe and to hear. Only one ear was severely affected at that time. My mother brought me to a doctor. He was only able to help with my breathing through medication. The more I grew the less I could hear, especially my left hear was so affected that I could not hear at all. In 2008, both my ears were blocked and as a result I lost the usage of my tongue. I came to South Africa in search of a treatment, but no doctor was able to help. Finally I was invited to Jesus Ministry Church by some members of my family. Pastor Max prayed for me. It was a progressive healing but at last I can speak and I can hear. I could not enjoy music nor listen to a preaching but now I can. I am grateful to God for what He has done for me. Praise God.

Delivered from a spiritual husband - MILDRED

Some thing was moving inside my stomach up and down. It started since I was 11. I went to the doctor. He said that it was due to stress. I did not have normal periods. During my periods, pimples would come out and the blood would come out of them. My periods were not as those of healthy women. I came to Jesus Ministry Church to seek my deliverance. Pastor Max told me that it was a spiritual husband in the form of a snake. He prayed from me. Since then I do not feel something moving in my stomach. I am completely delivered. Praise be to GOD.

Delivered from spiritual husband - DIANA

For many years I was suffering. There was a spiritual husband tormenting my life since 1990. At that time I was pregnant of my son. I was 3 months pregnant when I noticed that when I would sit, a spirit would come and sleep with me. It happened all the time. I went to many places, to many churches; I did not get any solution. My daughter invited me to Jesus Ministry Church. I came thinking that it was just a normal church. I did not expect much. I did not think that I would get my deliverance. But as I came, I stayed for the prayer line. Now I got my solution, I got my deliverance. I am so happy. I am not able to sleep for more than 22 years. I slept at 5.00am then had to wake up to go to work. The devil was just playing with my life. But now I am delivered. I can sleep now peacefully. Praise God

Delivered from a spirit of limitation

One day I had a nightmare where I saw a wolf pursuing me. As he was pursuing me, he caught up with me and hurt my leg. When I woke up I was surprised to see that the same wound I saw in my dream was actually on my leg. I spoke with Pastor Max and He said that HE would pray for me. Nothing was working in my life; I was living cycles of limitations and disappointment. Pastor Max prayed for my deliverance. After he finished praying he said that within 3 months, I would receive a breakthrough. Ever since I came to South Africa, I never had a job. After the pastor prayed for me, I went Home and there I decided to start sending CVs again. God did His part, I had to do mine. One of the companies called me for an interview that only took 5 minutes. During that interview they were telling me what they would offer me. I was appointed as one of the executives, they offered me a car and I have my own office. I praise God for His wondrous works in my life.

Healed from hernia - BERLIN

From time to times there was a woman who would bring us food according to seasons. Sometimes it could be sweet potatoes, other times maize. One day she brought us yams. We ate it as usual. Three days later, everyone who ate those yams was ill. We called the doctor to come by. The first question he asked was: “what did you eat yesterday?” We just told him that we ate potatoes. So he thought that probably there were worms in those potatoes. One month passed, it was still the same thing. We called the doctor again. He did some testing and discovered that everyone in the house had hernia. We decided to call pastors and prophets to come and pray for us. One day we had a night of prayer. God revealed to a woman that someone came and gave us some food and from there the hernia started. Everyone realized that it was the woman who brought us the yams. We were told to only use traditional remedies. I went to Katanga to obtain papers to come to South Africa. But the weather there was too cold and was disturbing me because of the hernia. People there referred me to a traditional doctor. He advised me to start carrying a small pot in my pants. Then I came to South Africa. The first winter was OK, but the second one was terrible. Using that pot even deformed my walking. One day during the Night of Wonder I went to the prayer line. As pastor Max was praying for me I saw people who were following me to remove a rubber band that was tied to my belly. Those were angels. The following day as I woke up I could see that the hernia disappeared. Praise God

Delivered from a spiritual wife

I used to feel as if there was something in my head. Sometimes people would look at me as if I was crazy. My head was not working properly. I came for counseling with Pastor Max. He told me that it was a spiritual wife. During a Wednesday service, he prayed for me. Since then I am feeling better. My head is working properly now. I praise God

Delivered from a spirit of suicide - PRISCILLA

The problem that brought me to Jesus Ministry Church was that I was mentally disturbed. I was hearing voices telling me to kill myself. I tried to burn myself. Then I tried to drink poison. I was admitted in the hospital for two weeks because of that. One of my husband's friends invited saying that I would find my solution. I was taking antidepressants. Pastor max told me that it was a spirit of suicide. Ever since He prayed for, I do not hear those voices anymore. I also stopped taking those antidepressants. Praise God.

Delivered from sleeplessness - BOITUMELO

I came so that Pastor Max could pray about my dream life. I used to always have odd dreams. I even preferred to sleep in the afternoon than in the evening. Usually I ended up waking up at around 3.30am to 4.00am and I could not even go back to sleep until maybe late around 6.00am but that was when I had to actually wake up and go to work. It happened so that maybe for this week or for a whole month I could be dreaming about snakes, and at times I dream about eating a lot of things, people feeding me a lot of things. Sometimes I could even see that those things are not things that are supposed to be eaten, funny things; I wouldn't even know how to call them. Sometimes I dreamed about being in school. In that dream, every time I went back to my primary school in my school uniform while I already completed it. Pastor Max told me it was the spirit of delay. That was really affecting me because obviously I was not getting enough sleep and a lot of things that were supposed to happen in my life were taking longer than they were supposed to. I was even in a stage where it was not that I was suffering but I was in a comfort zone where things were not changing, thing were not going through. I was beginning to accept that in my life. Pastor Max prayed for my deliverance. Now I am delivered, my sleep is delivered. Praise God

Healed from Hay fever - CYNTHIA

The second week of a program of prayer of 21 days, I came forth so that Pastor Max could pray for me. I was suffering for extreme period pains and hay fever. I had hay fever from a very young age. Every time I went to a doctor, I was told that hay fever could not be cured. I would have to have it all the time. I was allergic to pollen, to 5c copper coins. Every time I would smell 5c coins or every time it would be pollen season, I would be sneezing, my eyes would be red, I would have migraines. It was really a painful experience. Since Pastor Max prayed for me, I can smell pollen, I can smell dust, I can smell 5c coins, nothing happens at all. I praise God for this miracle.

Delivered from a spirit of limitation - TSITSI

Since the beginning of 2012, everything was going wrong, in my family, in my life. Big doors would open, big people, big jobs, Then would suddenly be closed. Strange things had been happening in my life. Sometimes when I tried to sleep, there were physical presences in my house, in my room. I was choked, I could even feel people sitting on my bed and I could not even get up. I did not know what was going on. One day Pastor Max said: “ you have been praying and you are asking yourself ' God I have been praying, but what do I have to show every time the people of the world look at me for the fact that You are my God?' ” when I came to church, it was my prayer. I said: “God, something has to change ”. I asked God and I said “God you need to restore my family, you need to restore the past 11 years of my life ”. My family has lost their house, they have lost cars, they have lost everything. It was just my family. That was all we had. So I said: “God You are the Restorer, I know You restore. Something in my life, in the life of my family has to be turned around, something has to change ”. As I came to church that was my prayer. I praise the Lord for He did it for me. On that day as I came I received my deliverance. Pastor Max prayed for me and I was delivered. After my deliverance, I felt this renewal of energy, I felt new, I had peace and joy and everything was just perfect. My dreams are fine. If I go to sleep, I sleep tight, I wake up to pray and that is it ,I go back to sleep. Praise God.

Delivered from unforgiveness - TRACY

I had a problem. I did terrible things in the past of which I am not proud of. Some people did wrong to me, I understand their reactions yet it was very hard for me to forgive them. At times I would not sleep, just thinking about some things would get me irritated to the point that I could kill someone. During a program of 21 days of fasting and prayer in May 2012, I sat down, thought and said to God:“ if You can forgive, why am I not able to forgive?”. On Monday Pastor Max called people to the front to praying for them. I hesitated and did not go, Tuesday the same thing, Wednesday again the same thing. Thursday by the time we were about to finish the service, Pastor Max called me and said :“ Tracy, I have to pray for you ”. After he prayed for me, I received a miracle. I was filled with the laughter of the Holy Spirit. When I went back home and slept, I felt that something hard had been removed from my heart. Praise God.

Restoration of intelligence - Junior

From Grade 0 to grade 11, I never failed a subject. But in grade 12, when I had to take my Matric, things changed. First year, I failed. It was almost the whole class. Second year it was still the same thing. I then decided to stop with my studies. People advised me to carry on with my studies. I did again my grade 12 but it was still the same story of failure. I left Mbuji Mayi to go to Lubumbashi. I did again my grade 12 there but I failed for the fourth time . Then I came to South Africa. I started attending Jesus Ministry Church. Through Pastor Max teachings I realized that something was wrong, no one could prosper in my family. I took 2 days of prayer and fasting during which I came to pray in the upper room of the church . I told God: “ I want to know why no one in my family can prosper. ” God is faithful. He revealed to me that There was a demonic law binding my family. God showed me the person responsible for that law. It was in my sleep that God showed me all of this as well as the person responsible. At 4am on the same day, the person God revealed to me called me on the phone, inquiring about me. He asked me to come back to Congo. I told him that I was there in Congo, nothing was working for me, that I decided to stay in South Africa. He tried to convince me to come back to Congo. When I saw that, I told everything to Pastor Max so that he could pray for me. He prayed for my deliverance. As he was praying I fell down on the floor. As I was laying there I could feel something like a stalk coming out of my head. I thank God because he has restored my intelligence.

Healed from kidney stones - Mickerene

In 2011 I was very sick. I went to the doctor. He said that I had stones in my kidneys and those would come out only through operation. I went to see Pastor Max and explained the situation to him. He said that operation was not my portion. I said amen. During the 2011 celebration, my prayer was that God would visit me to heal me. A week after the celebration, I was still in pain. On Sunday as I was bathing, preparing myself to go to church, I felt an intense pain, and felt that something was coming out. I started pushing and as I was pushing I saw two stones coming out of me. I was amazed because it was the first time in my life that I saw something like that. I went to church very happy and I testified. Pastor Max said one thing : if the is any stone remaining will come out. I believed in that word. When I went back home I said to God: if there is any stone left in my body, it will come out in the same way. In May 2012, the same pain came back. For two weeks I was in bed. I could not stand, I could not eat. I was having severe pains. We had 21 days of prayer and fasting in church. I asked God during that time to visit me. A few weeks later, as I was urinating, a stone came out. After that all the pain was gone. I am healed and I believe that stone was the last one. Praise God.

Healed from shoulder pain - SILONI

I came to church one Wednesday, I was sick, I had a pain in my right shoulder for 15 years, I had bad dreams, things were not going well for me.at some point I was even thinking of committing suicide. I was so sad about what was happening in my life, my life was not good. Since Pastor Max prayed for me, I can see the changes in my life. When Pastor Max was praying for me I saw the lightning, shining right through my eyes; that lightning knocked me down. When I was down on the floor I could sense people around me speaking in an unknown language and I felt something coming out of my body. I fell new; I feel that there is a change in my life. Now I feel very strong, I even finally found a job. I thank God for sending Pastor Max to pray for me. Praise the Lord.

Found a Job - TSITSI

In February 2012, I went for an interview. When I called back for the follow-up I was told that the person who had interviewed me had left the company. Since then things where just going downwards. I would be called for interviews, told that I would get a letter, but nothing worked out. All sorts of things were happening. During the 21 days of prayer in May 2012, I came with a seed and I said: God if it is my job and you opened this door then no one is going to close it. During the 21 days of prayer in May 2012, I received my deliverance. I want to thank God for what He has done since then. I final got called again and received the proposal letter, I signed it and now I am now working. When I came to Jesus Ministry church I was discouraged, I wanted a change. I want to encourage anyone going through tough times. Do not stop praying. Even when it seems nothing is happening, things are taking place in the spirit Praise God.

Healed from Asthma - Happy

I had asthma since I was two years old. I had it for 41 years. I was using pumps and taking tablets all the time. When it was cold, I had to carry them with me everywhere. I always prayed about that. When it got worse, I had to go to the hospital. At some point in my life, there was a time I had to go for oxygen all the time during winter. I used to pray so that the asthma does not get worse, otherwise I would have to go to the hospital. I spoke to Pastor Max about my problem and one Wednesday, he prayed for me. Since then I have been completely healed and delivered. I suffered from asthma for more than 42 years, but now I am completely healed. Praise God

Healed from painful periods - Wivine

I've been suffering from painful periods for many years. Those pains are permanent for 1 to two days. I have living with those uncomfortable pains and just accepted them as part of me. I never even thought of taking tablets to cure myself. But on a certain Friday 11th May 2012 during the 21 days of prayer, Pastor Max E Ngoie was preaching on the charisma of healing and that teaching filled my heart with a joy I could not explain, and the next day I woke up with the pain at my lower abdomen side and that was the painful period. While I was in the church Pastor Max E Ngoie was preaching on the charisma of miraculous powers, and I heard a the voice of the Holy Spirit saying I will receive instant healing from painful period while we will be praying. When the prayer started I felt the power of the Holy Spirit coming upon me, automatically I was healed from the pain up to now this pain is gone forever.

Obtained His passport - Darlington

I want to praise God for what He has done in my life. There was a time I wanted to travel to Nigeria. I first of all came to Pastor Max and asked Him to pray for me. He prayed for me then I traveled to Nigeria. I had a problem with my passport concerning the date of birth and the surname. I wanted to fix it in South Africa, but I was asked to go fix it in Nigeria. So I went to Nigeria. It was very difficult to have it done in Nigeria. Even the valid passport I had was cancelled by the time I went to Nigeria. They would not let me go out of Nigeria with a valid passport, the bio-metric one. I was praying, fasting. I thank God because although it was very difficult, after 2 months the problem was solved and I was able to come back to South Africa. Praise the Lord

Healed from insomnia - Valentin MUTOMBO

I was sick. I could not breathe properly at night while sleeping. I had tumors that were appearing only in the nasal passages. I went for treatment in my country, the doctors only stopped at cutting what they could see inside the nose. As I came here, I discovered that those tumors were forming in the nasal cavities. The doctor did the first operation on the 8 April 2012. It was an endoscopic surgery.The doctor managed to work successfully on the left side of the nose,but failed to do so on the right side of the nose. She postponed the surgery so that she could do an open operation on the nose which was done on the 23 April 2012. In my family we had a problem of insomnia. When I went back to my place, the enemy wanting to kill me went back to the basic problem, insomnia. I could not sleep. I became forgetful. I felt as if I was going to die from insomnia. Pastor Max called me toward the end of my stay in South Africa.I told him what my problem was. He received the revelation about the problem . I knew myself that the insomnia had influence on the tumors in my nose. Pastor Max exhorted my wife and I, then he prayed with us. Anyone who has nose problems loses the sense of smell. As Pastor Max was praying for me I had the first sign; for the first time I could smell the perfume my wife was wearing. I received my touch, the yoke was broken. When we went back home, I who had to take medications to sleep, I slept deeply. I praise the Lord for the ministry of Pastor Max. I had insomnia for more than 42 years, but God delivered me. Praise the Lord.

Restoration of a son - Valentin MUTOMBO

n Africa, we live in an environment where witchcraft is at work. One of my sons was the cleverest of them all. But a sudden change took place that I could not understand. That son lost all his intelligence and became extremely overweight. When my son passed his Matric, I sent him to South Africa to live and study there. One day Pastor Max received a message from God that one of my children was pursuing by a spirit of death, but he did not know which one it was. God is so good; He revealed the name of the child. Pastor Max called my son and met with Him. He prayed for my Son. Now my son is completely restored, very clever. I thank Pastor Max and I praise God for what He did in the life of my son.

Healed from Heart Disease - Nanou KABEDI

I was having a heart problem for a couple of months. This problem was hereditary. My father and my aunt died from heart related problems. On my side when I went to Hospital, the doctor told me that my heart was becoming bigger in size. I came to see Pastor Max for my problem. And he prayed for me. When I went for the check up few days later, the doctor was shocked that my heart was normal and was working properly, better than before. Glory Be to God

Car paid by insurance - Ben SHANGALUME
  • One Day while driving a friend's car I got hit from behind by an old man who assured me his insurance would cover all charges from towing to repairs. The following day when I got in touch with his insurance they denied any liability apart from the damages on the car. As the car was not insured I had to make all follow-up by myself. In the meantime the storage charges from where the car was stored were piling up to double the value of the car and the insurance wouldn't pay for it. Jobless, hopeless, and broken I reach bottom when my dad passed away after suffering from cancer. I came to realize that God was working on my character teaching me to trust and count on Him and Him alone and no one else or on my own abilities. Some scriptures came into my mind: “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you” (Ps 9:10); “That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”(2 Corinthians 12:10); “ … Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” (James 1:3). About One year after the accident the lawyers from the insurance company phoned me to apologize for the damages I had endured and agreed to pay the money to buy another car. I was blown away because God showed me how He did it on his own and I nothing to boast about. Praise God.

Found a Job - Ben SHANGALUME

After university, I felt as if my all life came to a halt for about 4 years as all doors and opportunities seems to be closing one after another. I couldn't get a decent job and every business idea I was contemplating seemed to be doomed for failure. One day while meditating about my life and my purpose on this earth I was stroke by the urgency to look back and take a new direction with my life and commit to a serious relationship with Jesus. So I prayed and presented myself to God asking him to make my life a testimony to people around me and to myself as well. Straight away all my passions started being choked one by one as my situation worsened. I started hating anything dealing with the financial market, and investment which is my area of expertise because I couldn't find any opportunity. I started doubting my abilities feeling ashamed of myself. I had to resign from a job I got due to bad conditions (pay, schedule, no career perspective etc.). Two years down the line I received a phone call from a company where I didn't even apply for. As I was in a retreat at church I had to reschedule the interview. Later on the interview was successful and I started working in a very good environment with good condition and a boss from 'heaven'. I got exactly what I was looking for without applying for it.

Delivered from bleeding and uncontrolled urinating - Mrs Augustine

I was sick for 2 months. I was bleeding and urinating without control due to this problem, I could not sleep due to the pain in the left side of my stomach. Anybody who would touch my stomach felt something hard like a stone, that was placed there. Due to that, I could not conceive, then a friend of mine who knew my problem invited me to attend a Sunday service at Jesus Ministry Church. After the service I decided to meet Pastor Max for a prayer. He prayed for me and as I was going back home. I started feeling that the hard substance that was in my stomach was not there anymore, that night in 2 months, I managed to sleep comfortably. The bleeding and the uncontrolled urine stopped completely.

Healing from swollen belly - Miss Rosette.

I had a swollen belly due to an unknown cause; I had this problem for 2 month. At the hospital, the doctors told me that I had water in my belly. This was a strange thing to them and to me as well. I was admitted in hospital for 7 days and got discouraged without being medically cured. I requested for a prayer from Pastor Max, and after the prayer, I started urinating excessively for a couple of days and I was delivered. Since then, my belly got cured and now I can eat and enjoy my everyday life. Glory be to God.

Healed from a Heart Disease - Nelly KASONGA

I was feeling weaker day by day for 4 month, then I noticed my heart was beating fast for a moment then slowly like it wanted to stop. Then I saw the Doctor and he said that my heart was failing. Later he told me that there was some liquid around my heart, reason why there were palpitations and something like a swelling. Then I came to see Pastor Max for a divine healing during the February's "DAYS OF WONDERS" 2011 program. After he prayed, I went to see the doctor for a check up. This time I was completely fine, there wasn't any liquid around my heart and I realized before even the check up that I was doing very well. I praise God for healing me.

Delivered from a spiritual husband - Nseya Mukendi Nathalie
  • I want to glorify the Lord for the deliverance that took place in my life. When I was 20 years old I started being visited by a spiritual husband and I was finding it normal because I was not praying at that time. When I started praying and with the help of teachings I realised that it was not normal. That spirit was visiting me most of the time during the day if it happened that I took a nap. It was so paralysing me that I could not even wake up easily. When I presented my problem to Pastor Max during the February's "DAYS OF WONDERS" 2011 program, he prayed for me and I was totally delivered after 8 years of suffering. That spirit is no longer visiting me. I glorify my God again because He keeps on doing great things in my life.

Injured Knee Healed After 4 years - Yvonne SINGINI
    • In 2006 as I was trying to change the bulb in the house, I fell off from the chair where I was standing on. I went to the Hospital and a Knee supportive device was put on me. From that time, I could not walk without it, because pain was so severe. I came for a prayer in November 2010. After Pastor Max prayed for me, I removed the Knee supporting device that I used to put on. I can now walk without any help from anything after 4 years. Glory Be to God

Recovery of Sight - Mama Zoe

I was wearing glasses for 33 years. Without glasses I could not see anything whether read. During the first Anniversary Celebration of Jesus Ministry Church, pastor max prayed for me. From that time until now, I'm able to read and see without glasses. I have finally thrown away the glasses that I used for 33 years. Glory Be to God

Recovery of Sight - Christelle KAZADI
  • I was 3 years old when my left eye got injured. At a nursery school, my classmate used a rubber with small wires in it. She beat up my eye as we were playing. My iris was perforated with the wires that were in that rubber. As I was growing, I noticed that I could not read properly and my results at school were not good at all. Despite Hospital operation, I could not read properly. After 17 years, I was invited to attend the first Anniversary Celebration of Jesus Ministry Church with Pastor Max. I presented my problem. The Pastor prayed for me and instantly I started reading. Glory Be to God

Recovery of Sight - Olivier ZIDHOO

I was wearing eye glasses for 15 years. I couldn't see far without glasses. After a prayer by Pastor Max, I immediately received my miracle. My sight was restored. Now I can read, see and drive without glasses. Glory Be to God